Handcrafted Wooden & Bammboo Flutes
Meditation & Healing Music

Michelle B.: 
The music is a relaxing journey through awareness. Wonderfully soothing. The earlier tracks are almost like a cleansing or a rapid, while you, afterwards, flow down the river at a graceful speed to the end of the CD.

Trish:  I enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, this CD!! It's one of my favourites. I put this on when my soul needs to unravel at its own pace, without interference from faster or more varied melodic paces. I'm so glad I chose this CD. It is first class listening pleasure.


Suzan Vaughn: 
This is fantastic music I use as background for classes when I do a guided visualization. These meditation are for healing, opening to Higher Sources and learning animal communication via telepathy. Wonderful, magical music. Thank you.


Mary Joyce: 
I am a Massage Therapist and it was so wonderful of you to play in the therapy room the one day. I have kept a journal from the weekend and you are one of many I have felt had an influence on my experience. I will not forget you. I am using Grandfather's Flute in my practice and wanted to purchase another copy.

Carlos:  Amazing. I play this cd every night. Not only is it beautiful, but it stimulates my sense of love and well-being.

Laryssa : Beautiful, soothing and healing and truly supports all healing endeavors from massage to meditation. It is slow and relaxing... just the way it should be. The feelings generated are those of deep peace. Wonderful!


Marvin Taylor, of COLE-TAYLOR: 
First class, top notch work! This is a top notch group of Native American style flute pieces by someone who obviously is a real master of this instrument. It is easily in the same class with Carlos Nakai and other better known artists - but this artist is destined to be right alongside them soon! Great peaceful meditative mood, beautiful melodies.


Denise Taylor : 
I just loved this CD. From the very first sound of the flute I was captivated. It put me right into a deep meditation. A heartfelt thank you for creating such beautiful music.


Brian : 
When spirit, sound, and soul come together the end result in undeniable. Richard brings all these qualities to his music and his healing that set him apart from others and elevate his music to the category of sacred.

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