All of my flutes are handcrafted by using sculptor's gouges and a mallet and/or palm gouges.

I specialize in making meditation flutes that are constructed to specific body measurents, which makes each flute uinique to the resonance of your physical body.

I do, however, have a few flutes in stock. Most are not tuned to a specific concert pitch, but some are tuned to A=440 Hz. Each piece of wood has its own optimal tone which is what I use for the root tone of those not tuned at 440 or 432.  Most scales are in the intervals of a Minor Pentatonic scale.

To special order a flute, please contact me using the Contact Form.  All special order flutes require a 50% non-refundable deposit before work is begun, with the remaining amount to be paid prior to delivery. Depending on how much inlay work is done, if any, a normal flute will take  between 4-8 weeks from the time started.
Soundshaman Flute Gallery