Brainwaves and Their States of Consciousness

By using specific brainwvave frequencies we are able to change the state of consciousness we are in.  Below is a listing of brainwaves, their frequency ranges, a brief description of each "state of consciousness" while producing those specific brainwaves, and how they can be used positively in our lives.

BETA  -  15 Hz - 20 Hz

The BETA state is associated with peak concentration, heightened alertness, hand/eye coordination and visual acuity.

ALPHA  -  8 Hz - 14 Hz

ALPHA state is a place of deep relaxation (but not meditation).  In this state we begin to access creativity.  It is the gateway into deeper states of consciousness.  It can be used for:  Relaxation, introspection; quiet alertness; creativity; and visualization.

THETA -  4 Hz - 7 Hz

In the THETA state, we are in a state of lucid dreaming; we are more receptive to information beyond our normal state of consciousness and imagery is more prevalent.  Used for:  Visualization/Imagery; lucid dreaming; deep meditation; improved memory; and enhanced intuition.

DELTA  -  0.5 Hz - 3 Hz

DELTA is associated with deep sleep, thinking about nothingness for long periods of time, or energy without form.  This is the time our mind is revitalized and we reconnect to the universal energy field.  Used for: Detached awareness; healing; and deep sleep.

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