Why Listen to
Native American Flute Music?

Music is a language between humans and nature; connecting the mind, body and spirit to the Universe. It also guides the listener into an optimal state wherein the whole body is relaxed and the heart and mind are harmonically regulated; which improves the functioning of the immune system.

Dr. Saurabh K. Chokshi, a cardiologist at Tampa General Hospital, conducted a case study of 200 patients receiving open heart or heart transplant surgery and found that the group receiving Native American Flute music therapy used 50% less pain medications, had fewer heart irregularities after surgery, had fewer depressions, and went home 2 to 3 days sooner.
Native American Stye Flutes

All of my flutes are handcrafted using sculptor's gouges and a mallet and/or palm gouges.

I specialize in making flutes from branches that are made to specific body measurents. This makes each flute uinique to the resonance of your physical body.

Each piece of wood has its own optimal tone which is what I use for the root tone of those not tuned at Concert Pitch (A=440Hz). All of my flutes incorporate the intervals of a Minor Pentatonic scale.

To special order a flute, please contact me using the Contact Form.  All special order flutes require a 50% non-refundable deposit before work is begun, with the remaining amount to be paid prior to delivery. Depending on how much inlay work is done, if any, a normal flute will take  between 4-8 weeks from the time started.